Sydney, Australia

Sites & Services HAUS of SAVVY recommends

  • The Naked Barber

    Enjoy a grooming service like no other! The Naked Barber is a qualified hairdresser with over 30 years experience in men's grooming and barbering.

    From haircuts to hair shaving, body clipping to waxing, Richard Savvy can satisfy all your grooming needs in his fully equipped private studio located on Oxford St, Sydney, Australia.

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    Checkout my DICK SAVVY clothing line!

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  • Studio Kink

    Studio Kink Sydney primarily provides education for the kink and queer communities, with a team that strives to ensure safe and inclusive space for everyone.

    They run classes and workshops that cover a range of topics, from Shibari to D/s, health and safety to alternative relationship structures, and everything in-between. They understand the importance of gaining experience firsthand in a non-academic setting, from art shows to intimate gatherings, live performances, play, and social get-togethers. Studio Kink is flexible in its abilities to meet the needs of the community, while the team behind the Studio have the passion, experience and know-how to provide events that engage the community.

    They are a space for those who want to learn and experience, grow and discover and we are committed to treating everyone who passes through their doors fairly and with respect.

  • SAX Fetish

    HAUS OF SAVVY loves a good leather and kink shop and the only place to buy leather in Sydney is at SAX Fetish on Oxford St, Sydney.

    SAX Fetish have devoted themselves entirely to the pursuit of your most perverse pleasures. They pride themselves in having one of the most comprehensive and diverse collections of quality fetish products in Australia. Their product range may even awaken fetishes you never knew you had!

  • Sydney Leathermen (SLM)

    HAUS OF SAVVY is a proud affillated with the Sydney Leathermen (SLM)


    SLM is an affinity space for identifying Leathermen. Taking inspiration from similar groups locally and around the world SLM aims to provide social interaction and growth opportunities for Leathermen through regular social events.

    SLM will be much more than the great leather and accessories. It’s about living a leather lifestyle and doing so authentically with pride. It's being a positive contributor to the local Leathermen community that supports, shares, nurtures, encourages and grows without judgement, fear, or drama.

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  • Sydney Mr. Leather Competition

    Richard Savvy is The Producer of the Sydney Mr. Leather Competition 2023!

    Rising from the ashes after a 7-year hiatus, we are excited to announce Sydney's nostalgic leatherman competition, Sydney Mr. Leather!

    The HAUS of SAVVY, have joined forces with; previous title holders, Sydney Leathermen and the Order Of The Sydney Bootblacks, to create an annual weekend of events to coincide with the Fetish Expo Sydney Edition.

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  • Sydney Ms. Leather Competition

    Rising from the ashes after a 7-year hiatus, we are excited to announce Sydney's nostalgic Leatherwomen competition, Sydney Ms. Leather!

    Come Join Us For A Night In Leather Celebrating Some Of Sydney's Finest Leatherwomen!

    Where: Basement Bar at Kinselas

    When: 7pm to 11pm, Friday the 4th August, 2023. Tickets: $25 + bf

    For more information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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  • EXTRA Dirty

    The Extra Dirty dance parties crowd skews toward queer, gay, leather and fetish but can’t just be classified into one club culture or clique. This is a place where all tribes are welcome, all bodies are celebrated and all aesthetics have an equal claim to space.

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  • The Guerrilla Porn Project

    The Guerrilla Porn Project is a group of kinksters based in Sydney, Australia who have gathered together to create Queer Art House Erotic films for your viewing pleasure.

    The group was formed in 2015 and it has evolved over time to include many varied people who volunteer their time and skills to showcase Australia's underground fetish scene, in an artistic positive way. So, you the viewer, gets a taste of what Australia has to offer in the world of erotic film.

    The team at The Guerrilla Porn Project embrace the belief in sexual liberation and opening minds to freedom of sexual culture.

    Hope you enjoy our work and that we can keep you wanting more!!!

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  • The Hairy Goat Cult

    The Naked Barber's website was designed and developed by The Hairy Goat Cult.

    Working with LGBTQI+ Brands, NGO's from the Queer & Kink Community. Their services includes; brand development, content creation, website design & development, copywriting and more!

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